Our FAQs

Q: What are the core practice areas of BOC?
A: Commercial Law Practice, Litigation , Arbitration and ADR.

Q: When was BOC established?
A: 1985.

Q: How many offices has BOC currently?
A: Three offices, including the head office in Abuja and branch offices in Lagos and Ilorin.

Q: How many partners make up Bayo Ojo?
A: Four specialised partners including two Senior Advocates of Nigeria , in the mean time.

Q: Where does BOC as one of the prominent Law Offices in Nigeria rank?
A: It ranks as the first class by clientele, position, geographical location, standard and achievement.

Q: When is the official working hours of BOC?
A: 8-5pm,Monday-Friday. However, its members of staff are always at the best service of the clients.

Q: What is the vision statement of BOC?
A: To infuse decency, innovation and best practice into the profession.

Q: Does BOC admit Law Attachment Students?
A: Yes.

Q: Is BOC registered with NYSC?
A: No, but accommodates a limited number of Youth Corpers.

Q: How can one initiate a job search in BOC?
A: By forwarding his/her CV to our e-mail address.

Q: Where does one find BOC offices?
A: Check our contact page

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